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Superstar Dewasi Biography, Age, Career

Superstar Dewai Biography

Today’s story is very special, today we have Superstar Dewasi with us whose real name is Rupesh Dewasi. This was just a name, now there is much more interesting, so read further with us.

                      Superstar Dewasi

Superstar Dewasi

14 January 2005 (age 17 years)
Indian [1]
Actor, Creator
Years active   
8th Class
Ratanram Dewasi (Father), Bhagdi Devi Dewasi (Mother)

✅Who does not know Superstar Dewasi today. Whether it is on Tik Tok or in Instagram reels, he is ahead in everything, his character and his style win public hearts and support him whole heartedly.

Superstar Dewasi Early Life

✅Superstar Dewasi was born (14 January 2005) in Rajpura Pali, Rajasthan. The condition was bad due to poverty, the family was struggling to earn bread.

✅One day he was playing under a broken roof because at that time he was 12 years old, a mobile phone had come to a friend’s house a few days ago, he had come to play with it by mistake.

✅He made a video with Superstar Dewasi and uploaded it on Instagram and went home, next day friend said that his video got millions of views and thousands of likes. Both were surprised.

✅Then the next day he again made a video, it also got millions of views and lakhs of likes, this story was told by Superstar Dewasi at home, but the family ignored it.

✅But Superstar Dewasi did not give up, earned money by doing some work, borrowed from some friends, bought a secondhand smartphone for Rs 3000 and started making videos.

✅He created his account on Tik Tok and uploaded videos, but he was not getting good views and likes because the quality of the video was not coming right due to camera failure. After that he stopped making videos because at that time no money was being received on Tik Tok.

✅After some time when Tik Tok started giving money, Superstar Dewasi worked again and this time bought a new smartphone, started uploading videos and got 1 lakh followers in just one month.

✅He gained 4 million followers on Tik Tok in less than eight months.

✅And when Tik Tok was banned in India, then Superstar Dewasi created his account on Instagram and as soon as he came here, it rained millions of followers, views and likes.

✅In just one month he gained more than 1 million followers on Instagram and all videos million views and likes and today end of 2022 there will be about 14 million followers on Instagram.

✅After that he made his channel on YouTube, Facebook in turn and there too he made his place in the hearts of people in a very short time.

✅In this way, a boy living under a broken roof, troubled by the helplessness of the house, did something unique with his talent in a short time, got sponsored by lakhs and is now the owner of crores, Superstar Dewsi.

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