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Sujeet Kumar Sharma Biography, Age, Career

Sujeet Kumar Sharma

Sujeet Kumar Sharma is an Indian, Musical Artist, Programmer. He was born on 15 January 2002 in Gopalganj, Bihar in a lower-middle-class family.

                  Sujeet Kumar Sharma

Sujeet Kumar Sharma

15 January 2002 (age 20)
Indian [1]
Musical Artist, Programmer
Years active   
Delhi University (Programming)

Early Life

✅Sujeet belongs to a very poor family, Sujeet completed his early studies from Gopalganj, Bihar with family difficulties.

✅To fix the condition of the house, Sujit started working at a young age along with studies, he collected some money by working and then went to Delhi.

✅After going to Delhi, he studied development and programming for 2 years and did part time jobs there as well.

✅Sujeet completing his studies and started searching for a job in his field and got many jobs, but Sharma did not like it because the payment of some was less, and the service was not good in some.

✅After that Sujeet decided to return home, as soon as he returned home, Sujeet started a YouTube channel thinking that he would earn some money by teaching people what he had learned.

✅He thoughts changed as soon as he came home, because Sharma saw that there were some well-known musicians in his village who were earning lakhs by singing one or two songs.

✅Sharma also started singing and used to release his songs individually through music distribution company and sometimes made beats and uploaded them.

✅And he was successful in this field and his YouTube channel also became related to music and he verified his social media handle only through music.

✅Today millions of people want to know that how Sujit Kumar Sharma got his verified badge on Instagram, Facebook then the main reason is music distribution.

✅Sujeet Kumar Sharma is now earning millions, doing development programming work with YouTube, thus he became a successful influencer.

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