360 hours blindfold yoga entered into high range world records

360 hours blindfold yoga

Yoga Guru Gunasekaran has entered into High Range World Records for performing Longest Blind folded Yoga Marathon for 360 hours. This record was attempted on 21 June 2024 to 06 July 2024, at Vanimahal, Udumulpet, Tamilnadu, India.

Yoga Guru Gunasekaran is only person in the World to achieve this feat and was done to bring an awareness about the benefits doing Yoga.

The yoga performance was done in presence of public. It was started on 21 June 2024, to commemorate the ocassion of International Yoga day and finished on 6th July 2024. This activity was observed by High Range World Records team for 16 days and after the successful attempt the High Range World Record certificate was presented by Srikanth K, Director (U.K) and Suman P (C.E.O), India, Swamy Sunildas and team.

Yoga Guru Gunasekaran has achieved many other world records like performing 1000 asanas in 4 hours, yoga asanas performed on different materials.

Gunasekaran is the founder of Maragatham Yogalayam and has trained lakhs of people all over India.

His aim is to promote yoga worldwide and teach miracle yoga for many diseases for that he need good financial support to provide free yoga for poor people.

Gunasekaran said yoga will not help you to keep fit but also help you lead a better and healthy life. So many diseases and health conditions can be improved through Yoga.

His entire family members wife Satyabhama, daughter Agni and all siblings supported and encouraged him to achieve success.

Gunasekaran has performed blindfold yoga to emphasize that blind people can also practice yoga and gain health.

His dream is to meet Hon’ble Minister Narender Modi and dedicate this achievement to the Nation.

High Range World Records, registrar of National and World Records, has previously honored many talented people around globe in many fields like education, sports, mountaineering, entertainment, memory etc.

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