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Anop Bhambu Biography, Age, Career

Anop Bhambu

Anop Bhambu is a name that is called the companion of forest dwellers and protector of the forest, and along with it he is also a musician and a writer. His story is amazing, so keep reading further.

                      Anop Bhambu

Anop Bhambu

              Anop Bhambu Biography
February 15, 1992 (age 30 years)
Indian [1]
Forest Guard, Musician
Years active   
10th from Govt School
BirthplaceJodhpur, Rajasthan

Early Life

✅Environment lover Anop Bhambu Everyone is a fan of nature’s love, so far hundreds of plants have been planted

✅Anop Bhambu was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on February 15, 1992, and the condition of his family was not very special, but after his arrival, everything went smoothly.

✅Small children often break the twigs of a small plant while playing, but on the other hand, at the same age, Anop Bhambu used to water the plants and protect them. They were natural lovers since childhood.

✅The condition of the family was not good, Anop Bhambu had to leave studies after 10th standard, engaged in natural service and told this as the goal of his life.

✅Because he was doing a natural service for which he would not get money so that he could overcome his family poverty, so he started singing song.

✅Because he had studied till 10th, he was also fond of writing, that’s why he started singing and writing along with natural service.

✅Whatever money he got from singing and writing, he used to run his house and engage in natural service, now one day he came to know about the online platform YouTube.

✅And he came to know about the information of using YouTube from Entrepreneur Saathi site, Anop created his own YouTube channel.

✅Now by singing, writing and sharing natural related information on YouTube, he spread the message of wildlife conservation to the people and at the same time found a new source of earning.

✅Anop Bhambu received many gifts and awards from the forest team in forest guard, after getting all these he called his life successful.

✅That’s why it is said that one who loves nature, nature bestows everything on him, which was seen with Anop Bhambu.

✅I hope that this effort of Anop Bhambu become successful in today’s truth and life-enhancing story. And you people will also plant trees and prevent them from being cut.

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