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Inder Shergill Biography, Age, Career

Inder Shergill

Inder Shergill is an Indian Social Media Influencer, Actor, and Fitness Model. She was born on 5 September 2010 in Chandigarh, Punjab, India in a lower-middle-class family.

                Inder Shergill

Inder Shergill

5 September 2010 (age 12 years)
Indian [1]
Years active   
Mukat Public School
Birth CityChandigarh, Punjab, India

Early Life & Career

✅Inder Shergill initially worked as a junior artist on Cine TV.

✅Remembering the struggle of his early days, Inder Shergill insisted on continuous hard work and kept learning something new and refining his art.

✅Shergill initially shot two offline ads but she was simply banned for some reason since then Shergill started shooting online with the help of her social media Instagram, Facebook and gave a good flight to her dreams.

✅She worked hard and put full focus on acting and he won the second-best actress award from his institute from Karthik Abhinay Sanathan.

✅Inder also won award from NR Nahar company. And also create her own business on Instagram by paid partnership.

✅To keep himself healthy and fit, she also sweated a lot in the gym and went jogging in the morning, maintaining diet, and inder also handled all this very well and got the best fitness award by the fitness club for her fitness.

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