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Arjun Luthraa’s songs have a romantic and melodies vibe

Arjun Luthraa

Driven by a fiery passion and a solid predilection to hook and entertain his audience through exciting Hindi music and melodies, Arjun Luthraa composes relatable songs that resonate well with all enthusiasts of Hindi music, be it young or adult listeners.

Arjun Luthraa

Arjun Luthraa Music Career

He is an ardent and veteran singer who uses his talent to entertain, educate, and inform people, leaving them with a handful of lessons and reflections on life.
In a prosperous and full-time music career, Arjun has released several sweet melodies that can be accessed on his Spotify or Instagram accounts. To better avail his Hindi melodies to his fans, he has Mr. Verse as his account on all the socials, and he can be reached there.

Arjun lives in Sikkim, India. Through his songwriting and melody-making talent, he firmly believes that he will consistently stir the creative world of music with more exciting and engaging songs and melodies that will keep her audience hooked.

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