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Thepssaini Biography, Age, Career

Thepssaini Biography

Thepssaini whose full name is Prakashjit Singh, who gave instrumental and folk songs to the music industry and called Mohali the hub of Punjabi singers.


Thepssaini Prakashjit Singh

             Thepssaini Biography
9 September 1999 (age 23)
Indian [1]
YouTuber, Musician
Years active   
 Karmjit KaurParmjit Singh
Record labelThepssaini

Early Life

✅Thepssaini was born in a poor family in Maholi, Punjab, and did his early schooling from Khalsa Senior Secondary School, Kurali, Chandigarh.

✅Thepssaini could not see the sorrow of his family and he left his studies and went to find his destination, then he got the support of YouTube.

✅While working in the technology field on YouTube, he saw the singing path and pursued his career in singing along with YouTube.

✅He changed his name from Prakashjit Singh to Thepssaini before making a career, actually it is his brand name not a real.

✅He started creating very unique content in the Technology category on YouTube, because people used to make such content premium and sell it, so the audience turned towards it.

✅His audience was formed while working on YouTube, and now he started singing on YouTube Platforms to make his dream come true.

✅Thepssani is skilled in giving fans many types of songs in which instrumental, pop, judge, folk are some very special and favorite.

✅He created his website thepssaini.com, where he gained love by sharing his skills with people through blogs.

✅However, it was not very easy for the YouTuber and singer who came in flying colors to be in the public eye at such a young age.

✅Besides, he is also a social media influencer thus making him a top celebrity manager as well. 

✅He launched a company called Thepssaini service for his music label, by doing all this he brought laurels to Maholi Punjab.

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