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Sachin Nigam Biography, Age, Career

Sachin Nigam

Today, if we talk about a unique singer Sachin Nigam, he used to do anything for music.

When Archestra used to come to the village in his childhood, he used to reach there secretly from home. To know the whole story, keep reading further for intense interest!

            Sachin Nigam

Sachin Nigam

         Sachin Nigam Bio
18 July 1997 (age 25 years)
Indian [1]
Musical Artist, Composer
Years active   

Early Life

✅Sachin Nigam was born in a poor family in Mainpuri, Up, but was very fond of music since childhood, when there was a music competition in the school, he used to be in front.

✅His father was a farmer, that’s why he could not pay attention to make his dream come true, but God does not avoid what is acceptable.

✅Nigam completes his studies till 12th with full dedication and then goes ahead to solve the problem at home and fulfill his music dream.

✅He started teaching children up to 10th in school, ran the household expenses with the money he got and saved some money and bought a smartphone and started learning music from online platforms.

✅He learned some basic music from smartphone and then went to Mumbai to learn advanced level music and came back after learning music in 3 months.

✅After practicing music for a few years, he gave his music performance in Indian Idol but got rejected, came home and continued practicing again.

✅Now he came home and started his own YouTube channel and started uploading videos of his music practice on YouTube and he started getting support from people.

✅He got good support from people in his debut songs “Pehli Dafa” and “O Jaana”, now he publishes his songs individually.

✅His songs will be seen in Indian and all other music platforms and now he is earning millions by publishing his songs through music distribution company.

✅Sachin ji says that when God closes a path, he also opens a bigger path, like rejecting him in Indian Idol and giving him such a big platform to show his talent.

✅Later, apart from YouTube, he earned both fan following and money by creating his account on Instagram, Facebook and publishing his music there as well.

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