Dr Yashpal Prajapat Biography, Age, Career

Dr Yashpal Prajapat

Yashpal Prajapat is an Indian MBBS Doctor. He was born on 7 October 1997 in Sirohi, Rajasthan in a middle-class family.

       Yashpal Prajapat

Dr Yashpal Prajapat

7 October 1997 (age 25 Years)
Indian [1]
Years active   

Early Life

✅He did not show any interest in studies in his childhood, after coming from school he used to roam around and play with friends.

✅After 10th, he showed some interest in studies and chose the subject biology in 11th and by the time of 12th, he decided that he wanted to become a doctor.

✅Now when it came to money, there was not enough money in the house to send him abroad to continue his further studies, but his father left no stone unturned to fulfill the dream of the child.

✅His father taught Yashpal by collecting money by working overtime to fulfill his son’s dream.

✅He appeared in NEET (UG) in 2016 and was successful in that, and then completed his studies, a new life giver on earth as a doctor.

✅Tears of happiness spilled in the eyes of the parents, they became exited, the son repaid the loan taken by the father and got new ornaments made for the mother.

✅In the beginning, he gave his service to New Delhi, got good support from people, patents started coming from far away.

✅After some time, he also started providing online consultation services along with offline, earning doubled.

✅He created his own social media accounts like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and also attracted patents from here.

✅In this way he became a doctor as well as a social media influencer, earning beyond imagination, got patent support, gave flight to his dreams.

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