Parliament Bomb Attack: Sagar Sharma

Parliament Bomb Attack Sagar

One of the accused in the attack on Parliament was Sagar Sharma who lived in Lucknow, Alambagh, Ramnagar.

During interrogation of the family, Sagar’s maternal uncle Pradeep Sharma said that he was in Bengaluru for the first 2 years and later was driving an electric rickshaw on rent in the village for the last 3 months.

Uncle said that he could not do anything on his own because he did not have enough money to go anywhere and meet anyone but he was active in social media.

Criminal Sagar Sharma had written in his Facebook post on February 15 that India is in a terrible situation.

On questioning the mother, the mother said that her heart is worried because on Monday, 10th December, he left home for Delhi saying that he was going for a dharna but she did not know whether he would go and do all this.