Optimizing Cashew Nut Processing: Innovations in Oscar Cashew Tech’s Fully Automatic Systems

Oscar Cashew Tech

Oscar Cashew Tech has adopted fully automatic machines as well as a plant which we can rely on the impact method in shelling that offers a better way of shelling of nut roasted in hot oil as well as recovering whole kernel. The concept of optimum kinetic energy which is required for breaking the cashew nut shell has been developed with the help of deformation energy as well as calculated parameters with improved efficiency.

The deformation energy required for the process is accurately 4. 8763 Joules. This energy contributes to an angular velocity equal to 26. In other metrics, 43 radians per second which is equivalent to 252 RPM, the minimum power requirement is estimated to be 257. 7 Watts. Such minute detail clearly depicts how Oscar Cashew Tech has instilled a high level of engineering innovation in the company’s machinery that is involved in shelling cashew nuts.

A prototype of this innovative machine was constructed and rigorously evaluated for its performance across different variables: Moisture content at 0, 7. 00%wb , 8. 46% wb and 9. 83% wb, Impeller speeds of 2000, 3000 and 4000 rpm and three nut sizes, large, medium, and small. The findings laid down in these assessments help to determine the proper conditions for the processing of cashew nuts.

Among the variables considered important in shelling efficiency and whole kernel recovery, moisture content was found to be a critical indicator as indicated by the results obtained wherein there was a negative relationship for all the three sizes of nuts studied at 0. 05 different from zero. This underscores the need to closely regulate the amount of moisture in its processed potatoes to the highest levels of yield and quality. Notably, the impeller speed was found with little consequence on the production, indicating that the efficiency of the machine relies with the moisture content and the physic-chemical properties of the nuts.

For large nuts, the highest values of External Shell Breaking Efficiency as well as whole kernel yield was identified to be 82. 0% and 59. used, 65% respectively with the impeller speed of 1759 RPM and moisture content of 7. There was 00% wastes with white beans Medium nuts provided the best score of 92%. Improved shelling efficiency by 2% and average of 53. Recovery: 2%A typical whole kernel at 1538 RPM and 9. pp 1759 Small nuts achieved overall workholding efficiency of w. b of 83%, and recovery rates of 79%. 7 percent shelling efficiency and forty-five percent hull efficiency. The results for every 1% whole kernel recovery were obtained through a speed of 1704 RPM and moisture content of 7. 00% w. b.

The impact shelling method developed by Oscar Cashew Tech also created a significant success for the cashew nut industry specially to the larger cashew nuts since it reported the whole kernel recovery is always higher compared to the middle and small cashew nuts. This shows that the machine has been designed for large cashew nuts with great efficiency and effectiveness; a perfect option for processors who desire whole kernels of cashews.

These are actually considered to be fully automatic cashew nut processing machines and plant at Oscar Cashew Tech, considered to be among the best innovative changes in the industry. Through the manipulation of the kinetic energy and working on the shelling procedure through controlling on moisture content of the nuts and certain energy values, they have been able to devise a technique, which more or less brings a great change on the production efficiency and quality in cashew nut processing. In this regard, the processors can realize better yields and enhanced quality of their products to meet increasing Market demands worldwide.

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