A 23 year old boy has made himself in music on his own

Hhridesh Mishra Image

Born- 17 April 2002
Name- Deepak mishra
Stage name- Hhridesh Mishra
Age- 23
Father’s name- Suman Mishra
Mother’s name- Usha Mishra
Sibling’s- Bhashkar Mishra (Bidur)
Second parents- SP+SP
Education- Master’s
Hometown- Banka
State – Bihar
Education- Master’s
Relationship- Single
Genres- Hip-hop, Indie, Sufi, Folk

Hhridesh Mishra, an Indian music producer, has made a name for himself in the music world by blending different styles and cultures into his work. Growing up in a family that cherished classical Indian music, Hhridesh was surrounded by the beautiful sounds of instruments like the tabla and the melodies of traditional ragas.

In 2021 (after lockdown) Hhridesh came Delhi from Bihar with his big dream.
Hhridesh’s journey as a music producer began with a deep dive into learning how to mix and engineer sounds. He turned his room into home studio. where he could experiment freely with different beats and melodies. Drawing inspiration from genres like electronica, hip-hop, and urban music, Hhridesh started to develop his own unique style. His music isn’t just about rhythms and tunes; it’s about telling stories and touching people’s hearts.

According to the source, Hhridesh takes his inspiration from Honey Singh, when he was in 7th class he heard Honey Singh’s song “Chaska”, after which he has been following him. A girl came into Hhridesh’s life in 2021 whose name starts with “J”, he loved that girl very much or still does, but due to some misconception the girl went away from him. Hhridesh gave many hit songs to his clients which he dedicated to that girl.

Beyond producing music, Hhridesh Mishra ispassionate about mentoring and educating the next generation of artists. He conducts workshops and masterclasses where he encourages aspiring producers to explore their creativity and experiment with different sounds. Hhridesh believes in the importance of authenticity and encourages young artists to find their own voices in thecompetitive world of music production.