From Rejection To Success : The Inspiring Journey Of Prat3ek


Prateek Dubey, also known as Prat3ek, began his career as a musician and
He started playing the piano at twelve. He became passionate about producing
music and spent years perfecting his skills. Prat3ek has performed at different
clubs, which is typical for musicians, and has Struggled with early career
challenges and financial difficulties.

He faced rejection from record labels
but persisted in his passion. RephraseHe persevered with music and eventually succeeded.

In 2016, Prat3ek Become a resident DJ at a popular club in nagpur and quickly built a reputation in industry,
with features on various record labels, podcasts, and radio shows. Renowned artits also featured him on their album.

However, due to lack of shows and support, he took the difficult decision to quit his
music career and pursue something else.

Prateek Dubey

As a child, he had also a passion for acting and decided to pursue it as a career. he researched the necessary
skills and improved his abilities by attending acting classes at a theater. after a year of learning, his teacher
suggested he move to mumbai to further showcase his talent and develop his craft in front of the camera

After Moving to mumbai in 2018, he struggled to find work in acting despite attending numerous auditions.

In 2018,
he received a call from a production house casting director, offering him a role in an episode of “Savdhaan India”.

This marked the beginning of his acting journey. later on ” Vikram betaal ki rahasya gatha , crime patrol ,
chandragupta maurya , bheti laagi jiva , & Many More”.

Prat3ek is hopeful about the future despite the obstacles he has encountered.
If you have a strong passion and a strong desire, you can accomplish anything.

Prat3ek stated that he is excited to witness what the future holds as he is
just beginning his journey

Prat3ek’s promising acting skills suggest a bright future for him.
Rephrase He demonstrated his talent and dedication to his skills.