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Mohit Boostyboob Biography, Age, Career

Mohit Boostyboob

Boostyboob started video creating since 22 August 2022, he uses to go for funny video and has achieved huge fan following.

  Mohit Boostyboob Biography

Mohit Boostyboob

          Mohit Biography
31 December 2004 (age 18)
Indian [1]
Actor, Musician
Years active   
Omprakash (father), Sarita (Mother)
AwardNational Book Award

Mohit Boostyboob Early Life and Work

✅Boostyboob belongs to a very poor family, he left his 12th studies and started working to earn a living.

✅He opened a tea shop for livelihood and used to run his house with a little income while he was very interested in reading and writing.

✅Let us tell you that Mohit Boostyboob real name is Mohit Mehra, he changed it after failing when people used to call him boob.

✅One day he heard the name of Entrepreneur Saathi and he contacted the owner there and narrated his ordeal and then he found the way to success.

✅Then he started his entrepreneurial journey with a small subscription to “Support Seo Anand AalgiApp.

✅First of all, he did the work of content creation on social media and was happy to get a lot of support from the people and thought of doing something else in the future.

✅Shortly after the content creation, he also published his song. His first song was “Marsutta Boostyboob” which is available in all music platforms.

✅After that he made his identity worldwide by working with “Aalgi Group” PR Agency and today he is an entrepreneur as well as a successful businessman.

✅Mohit said that whatever he has achieved today, he had never thought, he said that now he will never look back at the past.

✅Although all this was not that easy, but his hard work and dedication made it all easy and boostyboob has become a source of inspiration for Rajasthan.

✅Because Mohit Boostyboob was very interested in studies, so he used to write even after leaving studies, he is also a good writer.

✅Mohit Mehra recently launched his production house named “Boostyboob Production” in his hometown Rajasthan. And showed his great achievement.

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