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Pankaj Yadav Biography, Age, Career

Pankaj Yadav

There are people who have found success in social media marketing and one of those people is Pankaj Yadav. He has got a lot of success as a social media marketer, and today we will see his biography.

                Pankaj Yadav

Pankaj Yadav

       Pankaj Yadav Biography
1 January 2004 (age 18 years)
Indian [1]
Gamer, Digital Marketer
Years active   
Triloki Yadav (Father)
FounderP&P Consultancy

Early Life

✅Yadav used to play sports with friends in his early days and he belonged to a middle-class family, father used to run the house and he was papa’s darling.

✅One day while playing a game, he peeped social media and then became crazy about social media at a young age, instead of using social media unnecessarily, he learned digital marketing skills in it.

✅Today, at the age of 18, Pankaj Yadav created panic in the social media, now he has become a social media expert and earns money by helping many people.

✅From building a personal brand to creating valuable content, Pankaj has figured out what it takes to succeed in social media marketing. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration and tips on how to get started, read on!

✅In addition to his success in social media, he has also ventured into the world of online marketing. He currently runs his own digital marketing agency called P&P Consultancy Digital Marketing.

✅After Pankaj Yadav’s successful career as a professional gamer, he decided to transition this gaming career into social marketing.

✅His success has inspired many other gamers to pursue careers in social media marketing.

✅He is passionate about social media and marketing. This passion drives him to be creative and to always look for new ways to engage with his audience.

✅Yadav works hard to create quality content and to stay up to date with the latest trends in social media.

✅ Pankaj Yadav is genuine and authentic, and his followers appreciate that about him. He is not afraid to show his personality or to share his opinions, which makes people want to connect with him.

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