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Suraj Rana Biography, Age, Career

Suraj Rana

See how Suraj Rana handled himself even after stumbling a lot. Actually, when he was in 10th class only his father said goodbye to him, being the eldest in the house all the responsibility of the house fell on him. Keep reading to know the full story.

                              Suraj Rana

Suraj Rana

                   Suraj Rana Biography
13 August 1998 (age 24 years)
Indian [1]
Singing, Acting, Technology
Years active   
Shubham Vidya Mandir School
Vijay Singh Rana (Father), Sakuntala Rana (Mother)
BirthplaceBallabgarh, Haryana.

Early Life

✅Suraj Rana was born in a middle-class family on 13 August 1998 in Ballabgarh, Haryana.

✅When he was in 10th class, then his father said goodbye to him and since then he broke down and left his studies and started working in a baniya’s shop to run the house.

✅Now see, there were 2 brothers and 1 mother in the house, he was the elder than both brothers, due to which he had to go through more difficulties, because along with the mother, now two brothers also had to be taken care of.

✅After some time, he learned the work of music editing, after that he started doing music editing work, but his offline shop did not run enough to run his livelihood.

✅After that he heard about YouTube from his friend and along with his offline shop, he started teaching the art of editing to people through his YouTube channel “Suraj Rana” and started earning some money from YouTube as well.

✅Later, he also did sing with music editing, and after earning some money, he went to Mumbai and tried to make a career in acting but failed.

✅But he thought that nothing would happen in this run-of-the-mill life, so he created another YouTube channel named “Technical Bharat” and started posting videos related to technology.

✅Suraj Rana succeeded in becoming a YouTuber after a lot of hard work, his first YouTube channel “Suraj Rana” has about 3 lakh 50 thousand subscribers and the second channel “Technical Bharat” has more than 4 thousand subscribers.

✅Today on YouTube, Suraj Rana gave people a source of income by solving music editing and other problems related to music for free.

✅By doing all this Mr. Rana has proved that no matter what the critical situation, a man may not have been able to do anything for himself, but when it comes to family, man fights with nature.

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