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Kili Paul

✅Kili Paul was born in Mindu Tulieni, Pwani, Tanzania on 9 October 1995 in a poor family, he is interested in dancing and lip-syncing.

                            Kili Paul


October 24, 2000 (age 22 years old)
Dancing, Lip-Sync
Years active   
SiblingsNeema Paul
Honoured ByBinaya Pradhan, the Indian High Commissioner in Tanzania.

✅The name of a man with black, tall body is Kili Paul, this name may sound strange but there is a special reason behind this name, first Paul name was Yusuf, but later his father compared his height to Tanzanian high peak then giving him the name Kili.

✅Kili Paul was in a very pathetic condition in his early days, he could not even eat properly, along with studying in a government school, Kili was also working hard in the desire to eat some food.

✅Whatever money he earned by working, he used to spend it on his studies and food, then in 2022, seeing the phones of his friends in college, Kili also wished that he had a phone and bought the phone with the money he had saved. Now due to running out of money, he had to face trouble again and started regretting buying the phone, but then one day he uploaded his photo in Instagram and got a lot of likes.

✅Because Kili Paul loved to dance, he made a video of his dance and uploaded it on Instagram, it got many times more likes, now he started making videos continuously.

✅When he didn’t have dance videos, he started lip-syncing on Bollywood songs, which earned him more love and support.

✅Now his sister Neema Paul used to accompany him on his dance, when he did not have a dance video, then he started lip-syncing on Bollywood songs, which earned him more love and support.

✅His growing recognition gave him the opportunity to work with many Bollywood actors and singers, and he often lip-synced to Jubin Nautiyal’s songs.

✅In 2023, 5.3M followers on Kili Paul’s Instagram and 2.7M Subscribers on YouTube, thus achieving so much popularity in just 6 to 7 years, he said goodbye to his poverty.

✅India’s High Commissioner Vinay Pradhan honored Kili by appreciating her dance.

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